Welcome to RettoBot!

RettoBot is a free online backtester that helps you easily run your trading bot algorithms on historical market data.

With a familiar JavaScript editor and API, you can draw custom trend lines, generate logs, and view trading stats.

RettoBot is currently under development.
Please bookmark the page and check back at a later date for more details.


When will it be released?

Eventually™. Please check back in a few weeks for a better estimate.

How does it work?

  1. Historical candlestick data is sent one by one to your bot's update() function
  2. Your algorithm uses custom indicators to analyze changes in price and predict the market
  3. Your algorithm decides when to trigger a buy() or sell() command, telling RettoBot to simulate a trade
  4. You can get detailed statistics on the performance of your bot

Can this run on live data?

RettoBot cannot currently run on live data. Sandboxing your code can result in security issues, and I currently do not have the funding to launch a live trading backend. If I keep seeing amazing support from you, I'm hoping to expand this system!

For live trading on popular cryptocurrency markets like Bitcoin, visit Gekko, a trader running on NodeJS for exactly this sort of thing.

Which bot strategies work the best?

No idea! Developers typically do not share their best strategies. The goal of RettoBot is to help you discover strategies that work best for you.

Having an understanding of manual trading with different indicators (MACD, MFI, Bollinger Bands, etc.) will help you create a good strategy. If you need a place to start, create a new project with one of the template strategies.

Is RettoBot an ongoing project?

Yes! As long as people remain supportive, I would love to continue providing updates.

Who is on RettoBot's team?

Just me so far, hi!


If you think this project is pretty neat, please consider donating! This will fund RettoBot's development.


No wallet available right now, sorry!


Check out the Twitter and Facebook pages for more concise information and news.